We offer Pistol and Rifle Shooting, Trap and Skeet, and Hunting. 


Shooting Safety

We have NRA certified range safety officers who take pride in providing a safe and challenging shooting environment at our ranges. 


Social Events

Member Events

Besides the bar and pool table providing off-range enjoyment, there are many fun events during the year for members and their families.

Picnic (members and families)

Christmas Party (members and Spouses / companions)


Juniors Welcome

Bring Son or Daughter

As long as your child is being supervised, have them try out rifle target shooting. We have loaner kids rifles at the club. See  Julian or a range officer.




Bowling Pins

Make great targets

We have bowling pin targets! Try your skill hitting the bowling pins that we have set up at both the Pistol and Rifle ranges.  It's a challenge but fun.





Club Activities - Page down for a Preview of our Activities

Trap and Skeet

We offer informal trap and skeet shooting, CTA registered shoots, and club championships at four trap fields and one skeet field.  Trap and Skeet shoots occur every Saturday and Sunday starting @10AM in the Spring, Summer and Fall.

WLOPA conducts evening Trap Shooting every Wednesday night throughout the year as long as enough members show up to make one squad of five shooters.  Shooting starts at 4:00 pm. 


A Spring Trap League starts Wednesday, April 19, 2017 and runs for eight weeks, starting at 4pm.  For questions contact Ron Kulmann at johnkulmann@yahoo.com.


One of the most popular activities is the weekly CTA-sanctioned Trap Shoots that are attended by many shotgunners throughout Connecticut.  In addition to holding local trap events, WLOPA hosts three ATA/CTA regional events throughout the year, all on Sunday


Registered CTA/ATA Shoots in 2017:
 May 28, 2017
 July 9, 2017
 September 24, 2017 



Pistol Shooting

We have seven covered shooting ports in our pistol range (7 yards, 50 feet, and 25 yards) for informal target shooting and pistol silhouettes.   


NEED A CONNECTICUT HANDGUN PERMIT?  WLOPA offers handgun training classes on our facilities monthly.  It will provide you with the safety course required to apply for a Connecticut Handgun Permit, as well as the shooting exercises on-site.  Click here for the form to register for Pistol Permit Class.

Additionally, throughout the course of the year, WLOPA hosts a number of training programs for shooters desiring to gain proficiency in programs such as silhouette shooting and pistol safety.



Rifle Shooting

We offer silhouette shooting, informal target shooting, military rifle training and matches.  Our rifle range  has five covered ports up to 100 yards and for air rifle we have a 20-position air rifle range.    For information about rifle range shooting, including Silhouette and Military rifle, contact:  julian.giuggio@Yahoo.com  

Rifle Shooting - Silhouette


Hello campers! Another season has arrived and many are itching to drag out those shootin' irons.
This is a great opportunity to enjoy some outdoor match shooting with friends in a relaxed atmosphere with great food.


May 7th
 June 4th
 July 16th
 August 6th
 September 17th

TIME:  2:00 - 5:00 pm
SHOOTING ORDER: is by infiltration. Every 5 minutes a new shooter is accepted.
EQUIPMENT:  Any .22 rifle or pistol, any sights, scopes. Slings, heavy barrels are O.K.
TARGETS:  Standard NRA animal silhouettes for rifle. For pistol, we use bowling pins.
RANGES:  44, 66, 77, 95 yards for rifle. 22/33/44/55 yards for pistol.
CATEGORIES:  Benched rifle for juniors and seniors...Standing rifle for adults (optional).
PRIZES:  Bragging rights for class winners, satisfaction of competing for all shooters. Prizes for the kiddies!
FEE: $5.00 / SCORE SHEET - Shoot as many times as you want

Food and beverages are available at all matches , including dogs and the ever popular homemade chili!

Inquiries to: julian.giuggio@Yahoo.com


Rifle Shooting - High Power Service Rifle / Hunting Rifle

Wolcott Land Owners Protective Association sponsors military (Service) rifle competitions throughout the year.   Here's your chance to exercise those old military rifles on our 100 yard range.  These shoots are held on Sunday afternoons, usually beginning at 2pm. 

 Our military shoots are designed to promote the highpower shooting sports, help participants appreciate the accuracy and match potential of their military surplus weapons, and to engage with others of like interest in highpower shooting.  Domestic and Foreign service rifles in original configuration with "as issued" sights qualify, including new AR-15's M1A's, etc.  Slings are O.K.

Food and drinks are available including hot dogs and kraut or chili, soda, water, and snacks.  This is a great opportunity to enjoy some outdoor match shooting with friends in a relaxed atmosphere and with great food! 

June 25th
October 8th

TIME:  2:00 - 5:00 pm
EQUIPMENT:   SERVICE RIFLE Any service rifle, or modern copy, any country, any ammo, original sights preferred, slings okay.
TARGET:  Standard 100 yd. small bore target
RANGE:  100 YD
COURSE OF FIRE: 40 rd., 4 position, including slow fire (offhand), with rapid fire in Sitting or Kneeling (your choice)

Food and beverages are available at all matches , including dogs and the ever popular homemade chili!

Wolcott Landowners is at 920 Woodtick Road in Wolcott, CT.  Inquiries to:  julian.giuggio@Yahoo.com

Plate Shooting

WLOPA offers .22 pistol/revolver Plate Shooting matches.  The plate shooting range is located to the left of the pistol range.  It is a man-on-man format, any sights.  Necessary equipment:  eye and ear protection and a gun case or holster.  Bring approximately 200 to 300 .22 rounds.  Course of fire lasts from 2 to 3 hours.  It is a great program, a lot of fun, and competitive.  Contact Matthew Mildrum for info:  luv2flyfish@sbcglobal.net.  2017 Plate Shooting Schedule (all are on Sunday, starting at 2:30pm):

March 12
April 9
May 7
June 11
July 9
August 13
September 10
October 8
November 12

Rifle Shooting - Air Rifle

WLOPA has offered Air Rifle Field Target competition in the past.  Home to the 2006 United States American Airgun Field Target Nationals  Finals, the Field Target program is growing rapidly.  We have a 20-position air rifle range.  To learn more about the American Air Rifle Target Association, click the link below: 

American Air Rifle Field Target Association - Website of the airgun field target shooting organization.

There is no Air Rifle Scheduled this year. 




We have tranquil woodland setting behind our club and shooting ranges used for hunting fowl during hunting season.  It is  stocked with pheasants.  Hunting is permitted only for WLOPA members, no guests.  There is an additional fee that WLOPA members have to pay to use our hunting facilities.  Contact Dave Lucien for info. 


Hunting hours are:

Saturday 8:00am - 10:55am

Monday and Tuesday 8:00am - 9:45 am

On November 24th and 25th the hours are from 8:00am - 10:55am


Please be careful when hunting; in the excitement of the chase, people don't always move in the direction you expect. The tragedy at a fellow gun club in Litchfield county is a stark reminder of that to all of us.


For more info contact Dave Lucien.