Our facilities include rifle and shooting ranges, trap and skeet fields, a clubhouse with many amenities and 54 acres of woodland.



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Our Facilities

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Shooting Ranges

We have a rifle range with three covered ports up to 100 yards.

We have a pistol range with seven covered ports up to 7 yards, 50 feet, and 25 yards.

We have four trap fields, voice activated, with a new shed to keep warm and protected during the cold weather.  There are picnic tables and benches to relax in between rounds.

We have one skeet field located at the rifle range area.

The Air Rifle range has 20 positions.

Clubhouse & Facilities

We have a large Hall / Meeting Room.  It is available to members to rent for parties.  We use the hall for our regular meetings, presentations, and for classes (pistol permit, women's self defense, etc.)

We have a large kitchen facility on the main floor and a small cooking facility downstairs as well.  The kitchen facilities are inspected by Chesprocott.

We have a full service bar that is regularly visited by members and their guests.  It is open weekends and on0demand. 

Out back is a patio where we have our pig roasts, clam bakes and picnics.


The rest of the property is woodland and abuts the Southington Water Company, which is a protected watershed.  Our land is used for bird hunting (members only), turkey hunting, and stocked pheasants. 


Hunting is for members only.  No one is to trespass on our property.